Many places to work, one portal

Local #15 maintains a worker referral service through our Hiring Hall. Employers call in a job, you pick the ones you want to work, and we send you out to the job site! See your pay and benefits in advance, and have all your work come from one place.

Pool benefits across employers

When you work through Local #15 your employers will normally pay into one pool that we use to fund your benefits. You can work for as many of the local’s employers as you want, or switch employers freely while keeping your healthcare and retirement contributions.

Work behind the scenes of local events

Ever wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes of your favorite concert? Here’s your chance to find out! While working with Local #15 you’ll see how we make events happen and be a part of a specialized group of workers who create the magic you’ve seen.

Free OSHA & safety training

Through the IATSE Training Trust our members have access to a wealth of educational resources! The Training Trust offers access to free OSHA 10 training as well as many other topics to keep you safe and informed on any job site.