There’s several ways to work with Local #15, pick the best option for you!

Work through the Hiring Hall

IATSE Local #15 maintains a worker referral service through our Hiring Hall. Employers reach out to us with a job, we post it for you to see, you pick the jobs you want to work, and we send you out to the job site! When working through our Hiring Hall you access all your work from any number of employers through one place, and you can see information about wages, conditions, and benefits contributions before you accept a job.

Apply to work on the F list to start building your career in live events today!

You must be at least 18 years old to work through the hiring hall. To be placed on the F list you will need to attend an in person qualification test, you can find study materials for the entrance exam here. Working through the Hiring Hall does not automatically grant membership to Local #15.

Work occasionally on large events

Do you just want to dip your toes into the world of live events, or fill out your work calendar here and there? Apply to work through the hiring hall on our overflow G list! Workers on the G list will be offered work when we have large events or several events happening at the same time. You’ll be working with experienced stagehands and technicians out on events ranging from concerts to expos.

Apply to work on the G list and see behind the scenes of the biggest events!

You must be at least 18 years old to work through the hiring hall. Stagehand work is often physically demanding and will require you to always be aware of your surroundings. You do not need to have stagehand skills to apply, most work through the G list will involve being given specific instructions and working under direct supervision.

Become a Member of Local #15

Have you been working for a represented employer or through the Hiring Hall? You may be eligible to become a card-carrying Member of Local #15! Becoming a member means you are able to vote at membership meetings and have more agency to make your voice heard in our Union, and at your employers. You’ll have new and exciting opportunities to drive progress and further the fight for workers rights as a Member of Local #15!

Make your voice heard, apply to join IATSE Local #15!

Email for more information. You must have worked in represented positions for 500hrs in a calendar year, 750hrs in two consecutive years, or be employed for at least 160 hours at a represented employer to become a member. Members in good standing of another IATSE Local should also contact us here.

Staff Positions

Local #15 has a small number of office staff positions which we periodically need to fill, you can check out our current office openings below!