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Entry Study Guide

If you require assistance with the reading or written portions of this test, please let the BOE Chair know so we can accommodate those needs.  The written test will include visual aids (pictures, diagrams, and drawings) of things you may see on the job site.  This Study Guide is intended to lead you to understanding the scope of what you will be expected to know to pass this exam.  

IATSE Local 15 is a mixed local, representing theatrical, AV, concert, and other live event workers.  As such, Local 15 needs to ensure that all represented workers have a minimum level of skill and knowledge necessary to work efficiently and safely in live event environments.  Do A/V Techs need to know how to tie a clove hitch? Do Riggers need to know about HDMI or do Electricians need to know about Decibels?  The answer to each of these is both yes and no, depending on the work that day.  

For the safety of crews around you and to work with and around others, we expect you to have and learn a wide variety of knowledge within the entertainment industry.  If your supervisor tells you to hang the light: “Stage Right of the blue HDMI cable,” you don’t have to know the data rate of it, but you do have to know the shape of it.  

In addition, there are principles, procedures, and practices that you should know before you step foot on a job site.

The standard for passing this test is 70%.  It is not expected for anyone to know everything about everything. Live events are home to many specialties working together. 


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