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Tips and Best Practices

  • -Know the Leads of the crews of all departments by sight as soon possible.
  • -If the answer in your head is “I’m not sure, but I guess so,” you should ask to have your Lead confirm your choice.
  • -While carrying any long pole, pipe, or board, by yourself, always have one end low and one end high.
  • -When lowering a long pipe from above, tie a clove hitch on the bottom end and tie a half hitch on the top end.
  • -Never run sound cable directly parallel to power cables, and vice versa.
  • -When you finish a job let your Crew Lead know that you have done so and ask “What’s next?”
  • -Asking questions is encouraged, and timing is everything. Learn the best time to ask.
  • -Never climb onto or above the second highest step of a ladder.
  • -Unless specifically asked to do so, only mop a stage floor or Marley dance floor with water, hot if possible.
  • -Always connect the grounding wire (typically green in color) first and remove it last. If there is no electrical ground, you are the electrical ground.
  • -Lift with your legs.
  • -Replace batteries before rehearsals and performances.
  • -Know your Weingarten Rights.
  • -Stay with your department until released by your Department Lead.
  • -Never leave the job site until released by your Local Lead, Head Carpenter, or Payroll Steward.
  • -A hardhat is required when overhead work is being performed.
  • -Being on time means that you are ready to perform your job at the exact call time. You are responsible for all the time it takes you to get your tools ready, check in with the Steward, get a sip of water, etc.…
  • -Be aware of your surroundings, including potential hazards, other workers, the general public, and/or VIPs.  
  • -NEVER RUN! 
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